MIMINOO creates beautiful products for the modern family that will last, grow with its kids and its needs. Our Mix & Match products offer a range of products that can be customized, modified and used in many different ways – from removable pompom(s) hats to bags, MIMINOO will allow you to create your perfect item according to your taste and needs. Pure and simple shapes, soft and trendy colors, modern prints, this is our approach to design.

MIMINOO’s mission is to create beautiful and modern design for its products that must be either reusable, customizable and/or multi-purpose. Our motto is "Multi-purpose products for modern families".

Our love for minimalist, simple and trendy products come from our Scandinavian nationalities and European living experience. We leverage our local workmanship experience as much as possible, our products are manufactured, or at least assembled, in North America, either in our studio in Montreal, Canada or by our beloved partners. Our materials are carefully selected, MIMINOO uses the best quality in bamboo or organic cotton fabric, food grade silicone, grade A polished wood, and recycled paper for its packaging. We personally follow each step of our products creation and manufacturing, from the time they are created to the shelf of our warehouses.

MIMINOO was created in 2017 by its founder and owner Melanie Dages with the goal of offering products that are simple yet elegant and trendy, while focusing on 3 main aspects: Reusability, Customization and Multi-purpose factor. Being a creative mom of two small children allows Melanie to stay in sync with the demand and trends. Understanding the ecological issues of our planet and the needs of the modern family, MIMINOO creates products that will last longer, are reusable, customizable and/or alterable to grow with your kids and your needs.

 MIMINOO was born in Montreal, Canada, where the brand keeps is roots and primary manufacturers. By the end of the year 2018, its parent company and family business, Modern Kids Society Inc. is moving to the US. But do not worry, only the default currency is changing to USD for accounting purposes, all the logistics and craftmanship remains in Canada.